Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why should we Unite the World?

Think how much easier it would be solving the world’s environmental, health, and hunger problems if the world was one nation. How much more efficient every business and humanitarian organization would be if there was only one set of government regulations to follow. With all the money we waste on military spending and multiple countries governmental bureaucracies, we would free up enumerable resources that could be dedicated to curing disease and ridding the world of hunger. It is so simple it may work.


  1. This has been the thought I've had ever since a late night vision quest many years ago. This is what needs to happen or the end of humanity will come sooner then anyone would like to admit it. Our children and there children are currently being positioned to have to deal with the fall out of our decisions right now. Today all through the news talks of $5/gallon gas prices. And watching the stations daily adding a few cents to 5 right now.

    What people don't realize is that it is time to wake up and open their eyes. Most have eyes just like mine, I can see because I care to look. Humanity needs to unit as this book states. However people need to give up the silly fairy tales of magic people who create the earth and everything in it. There is no god that made this rock and all on it. If they do exist where have they been hiding. We are very quickly coming to an end, wouldn't your gods want to help you? Abandon them as they have you.

    Look around you. We are all the same flesh and blood. Sure different colors, sex, and size. The different religions that drive some to do evil things are the problem. Removing these ridiculous thoughts from Humanity will be the big step forward. We only needed religion for a short time to establish good will and peace, but everyone should know by now what they are to do, to be a productive member of a global humanity. But some religions don't allow individuals the ability to reason for them selves and apparently make them evil towards people of other religions. A funny out come right?

    Next thing that needs to be addressed. Not every life on earth is important. 98% of people on earth have only one purpose, and simply is to make the lives of the people who have the intelligence to make a change possible. But the majority also plays the role of breeder. The next great mind to make and invent world changing thoughts hasn't been born yet. So keep breeding people, but raise your children to be productive individuals. Please don't take this the wrong way but at the end of the day, not many peoples lives are important for advancing humanity. I fall into that category. I still take pride in what I do every day, and live my life the way that I want, but at the end of the day, I will have no meaningful impact for the future. And most people are in the same boat with me. Most people think that they are so important, and need to get over themselves. 98% of the world, sorry, but your existence is not important for the future, again sorry. Swallow those words and think about it to your self, what is your global impact?

    It feels impossible to have a global community but it is important. And once people wake up and come to grips with reality and want to change it, change will come. Keep this in mind, religion is dieing. Government was the replacement to religion, its time for a new era. Who will have the idea to make the new system work?

    The idea is out there it needs to come forward.

    1. If you ask most people they say they think it would be great to have unified earth. They just don't think it is possible. That is the part we work on is getting them to believe it is not only possible but inevitable if we are to survive. While a work of fiction, the book shows one possible way. We just need to turn fiction into reality. It is a simple as getting everyone to believe what should happen can happen.