Who is ChengX?

ChengX is a Character from a book of the same name.

He is a fictional character that wants to come to life. Whether you have read the book or not it is hoped that people will follow this blog and work together to make the world a better place. While the book is exciting and fictional, real life can be just as exciting. We can accomplish so much if we simply believe. If you want unity and peace in the world spread the message about William, ChengX become his friend on Face Book or Google plus.
The book is quite interesting and you can check out the first 50 pages for free on Amazon. While published for Kindle Amazon will allow you to download a reader to any PC for free. If you are interested in the book just type ChengX into the Amazon portal found on this blog or click on the link provided in the first post, or following the description below. Hope you enjoy the story and let us know what you think.

ChengX It is a story about a group that starts a nondenominational church and preaches the need to unify the world through development of technology and economic strength. Companies and business will be much more efficient if they have to abide by one set of rules in an ever shrinking world. They extol the virtue of everyone on the planet working together to make the world a better place. ChengX is aided in his growth by “The One” a mysterious benefactor that provides him with money and advanced technology, allowing ChengX’s companies to grow rapidly.
The global powers take notice of ChengX and his technological advances which seem to be too futuristic, and certainly years ahead of the rest of the world. Several entities begin monitoring his activities and start spying on him. The intelligence communities of China, Russia, and the United States are all in on the act, as is the Pyramid of Power, a secret society of devious power brokers. They all become jealous and afraid of ChengX’s new technology. Several attempts are made to steal his secrets and assassinate him.

Find the book here.