Saturday, September 22, 2012

Would God really want people to fight in his name?

I truly believe that when rational people think about it they will realize the term holly war is just something men made up to justify their actions. No truly Supreme Being would ever support war in their name. If the human race is going to survive we must work together. Uniting the world is something we have to do eventually; it is the only logical solution to all of our problems. What God would be against this? What Supreme Being would be so self centered that it would want people to kill it its name, and spend all of their resources worshiping him instead of spreading love and helping their fellow man?

We should believe in people. We should teach our children to treat everyone equally, to love rather than to hate. It is okay to believe in a Supreme Being, but people need to accept that others may differ in their beliefs about a Supreme Being. It is also okay to believe someone can be a good person and want to do what is right for the world even if they don’t believe in God. In the end God will decide who is right and it is not for us to judge how, or if, our fellow man worship God. People should follow their hearts in deciding how and when and what to worship. But whatever you call your God or Supreme Being you should realize that if it is truly a Supreme Being it is a kind and just being. It wants us all to get along and treat everyone fairly. If your god does not believe in peace it would not be a Supreme Being.”

So it is impossible to imagine how anyone could use their religion to justify fighting or hurting anyone! Religious War is an oxymoron.  While I am not a theologian I am willing to bet that if you put Christ, Mohamed, and Buddha in a room to discuss world problems they would not come out swinging at each other.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day is a Day to celebrate all of our hard work.

Labor Day is a day to honor all of our hard work and sacrifice, and all the hard work and labor of those that have gone before us. Unfortunately we can not forget all those people without jobs who would love to have one. Our world is getting smaller and our economic problems can not be solved regionally. We need a global view.  Unfortunately the current system does not reward people for alleviating suffering and solving our problems globally. We need to develop a system that is more efficient and we need to bring down the artificial borders and bureaucracies that stand in the way. There is a way forward, check out what ChengX has to say