Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why should we unite the world into one country?

What are the values of a borderless world? Will for starters it would be a much more efficient world. A world where there is one fair set of laws that govern everyone.  A more humane world where the taxes and regulations are the same wherever you go and all companies and people are treated equally. A world where the best person for the job can be hired without caring where they were born or what nationality they are.  No company or individual would be at a competitive disadvantage because some other company in some other country was allowed to pollute more, endanger their workers more, or use slave labor. It is hard to imagine that any honest person in the international business arena does not wish they had such an efficient world economic system to operate in.

The benefits to society as a whole would also be immense. Government could attend to the needs of the people instead of using precious resources protecting borders, drawing lines in the sand and fighting with other countries over trivial matters. If there were no individual countries there would be no need for armies. There would be no need for wars. Think of the untold billions of dollars that have been wasted on armies over the years. If the world is united, those resources can be used to wage war on poverty and disease.

If there was just one country we could efficiently pool the world’s resources, developing better medical resources and food supplies. It would just be a matter of time before we found cures for diseases like cancer and AIDs. Without borders, there would be no need for border patrols or worrying about where a person came from. If people could move freely about the world everything would be more efficient.

While there are a lot of cultural and political barriers that must be overcome to make something like this happen it all starts by believing it is the right thing to do. I know it will not happen today or tomorrow. It will not happen next week or next year. It may not even happen in our lifetimes but it can happen. Every great dream, every great revolution, must start somewhere. Humanities path to a brighter future starts here and now with us. We can make a difference. We must make a difference.

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